SE Cupp: Why the GOP needs Rand Paul

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He brings fresh energy, people and ideas to a party that desperately needs an injection of each.

For one, he’s one of few Republican contenders who’s proven he’s willing and interested in reaching out to demographics that have either traditionally been hostile to conservatives or that conservatives have ignored — including women, minorities and young voters. If 2012 proved anything, it’s that a Republican can’t win by simply turning out the same old, white male voters.

Especially where millennials are concerned, it’s crucial that Paul help bring them into the GOP fold.

Paul’s policies and messages square well with this important voting bloc, the largest generation in history, which is set to make up two-thirds of the voting population by 2020.

In particular, they agree with his opposition to NSA spying, his refusal to denounce Edward Snowden as a traitor, his non-interventionist approach to U.S. involvement in conflicts abroad, his skepticism of big government, and his position on drone strikes on American citizens.

On social issues like gay marriage, his nuanced positions present a healthy alternative response to the usual conservative messages that have alienated young people in the past. He’s suggested the GOP needs to “find a place for young people and others who don’t want to be festooned by those issues.”

He’s also voiced support for reforming harsh drug sentences, saying, “Someone like myself, I think, could appeal to young people, independents and moderates, because, many of them do think it is a mistake to put people in jail for marijuana use and throw away the key.”


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