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“Limiting the power of a leader is something libertarians support. Thus, they should logically support the bill, even if it is done for political reasons. It still will limit the power of a governor who is no friend to liberty. Those libertarians who may respond “it undermines democracy”, should ask themselves. Is democratic tyranny better than undemocratic liberty? …

Wisconsin is part of a coalition of states planning on suing the federal government claiming the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. This is in direct correlation with the libertarian position… A libertarian would support such a lawsuit that could rule Obamacare regulations unconstitutional. Logically, they should support this collation with the same goal in mind.

Politics is a dirty game. The bill is likely motivated by partisan politics. The bill will balance the power in the state government. It may stop the government from growing bigger, thus it must be seen as a necessary evil.”



Nov 8th 2016 Support Rand Paul for Senate + Impeach Hillary!

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Support Rand Paul who is arguably one of the few honest and principled Senators remaining in Washington DC.

Rand Paul’s continued presence in the US Senate benefits all liberty-minded conservatives. No matter what State you currently live – this is our final chance to donate to Rand Paul for Senate in the 2016 election.

To make your last-minute donation now please go to the secure Rand Paul official website: https://secure.randpaul.com  (you will leave this site)

If you would prefer to click the ‘donate’ button from Rand Paul’s main website then navigate here first:

https://www.randpaul2016.com/   (you will leave this site)


Impeach Hillary!


Why Rand’s the Current 2016 GOP Front-Runner

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The Republican field is fluid and volatile but Paul registers double-digits almost everywhere…

“As it has been for months, the GOP field is volatile and fluid with as many as a half dozen potential candidates polling within the margin of error of each other, depending on the survey.

But when isolated to polling conducted over the last month, there’s one notable trend that emerges: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul manages to register double-digits everywhere.”


The Rand Paul / Dick Cheney Controversy

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What the Rand Paul vs. Dick Cheney kerfuffle says about Republican soul searching


The Young Turks on Rand Paul / Dick Cheney Kerfuffle: Rand Paul Says Cheney Pushed Iraq War For Halliburton Profit



WATCH: Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War So Halliburton Would Profit


CNN Video: Rand Paul the Most Interesting Person in the Republican Party

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CNN Video: Rand Paul the Most Interesting Person in the Republican Party: State of the Union with Candy Crowley 3/23/14