Rand Paul leads in Iowa for 2016

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Rand  18%

Christie  16%

Ryan  15%

Bush  14%

Rubio  11%

Cruz  10%

Santorum  6%

Jindal  2%

Martinez  1%



Multi-national corporations upset with Rand Paul, lobbyists cannot budge him

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Senator Rand Paul is coming under pressure from some multi-national businesses to drop his opposition to tax treaties between the United States and other nations.

Citing privacy concerns about Americans’ tax data, Paul, a Republican and libertarian, has single-handedly blocked Senate action on treaties with Hungary, Switzerland and Luxembourg that have been signed by authorities on both sides, but have been awaiting Senate review since 2011.

“Rand Paul is not a typical senator who may bend over to business lobbyists,” said Chris Edwards, director of tax policy at The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank.

No new tax treaties or treaty updates have been approved since 2010, when Paul was elected as the junior senator from Kentucky on a wave of support for Tea Party-aligned Republicans.



PPP Poll: Rand Paul leads in New Hampshire

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Rand  28%

Rubio  25%

Christie  14%

Bush, Ryan  7%

Santorum  4%

Martinez  3%

Jindal, Perry  1%