Bruce Fein : Only Rand Paul can save us

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Of all the Democratic or Republican presidential aspirants for 2016, only U.S. Sen. Rand Paul can save us from ruination born of perpetual, purposeless, unfunded global wars and limitless presidential power.






Rand Paul: IRS ‘too big, too powerful,’ and we should ‘scrap the code’

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Sen. Rand Paul said the best way to fix problems with the Internal Revenue Service is to simply scrap the tax code and start from the beginning.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/13/rand-paul-irs-too-big-too-powerful-and-we-should-s/#ixzz3RfYjh1W0

Rand Paul Sponsors Bill To Abolish Some Mandatory Prison Sentences

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The bill would allow federal judges to use their discretion to sentence low-level, non-violent drug offenders instead of having to assign sentences based on the established minimum.

Read more at http://libertycrier.com/rand-paul-sponsors-bill-abolish-mandatory-prison-sentences/#R7FB6xLpYH4YHBOR.99

Rand Paul: Scrap the tax code

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“The IRS is too big, too powerful, and we absolutely should scrap the code,” Paul, a prospective 2016 presidential candidate, answered. “Look for my tax plan later this spring.”


Rand Paul says audit bill is ‘first step’ toward more say on monetary policy

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A bill to audit the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is just the first step in Congress taking greater control over monetary policy, its main supporter said on Thursday.


How to write an anti-Rand Paul attack piece in 4 easy steps

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* First, begin by expressing curiosity about Paul

* Second, denounce as crazy one or two genuinely concerning statements Paul has made

* Third, denounce as crazy one or two entirely normal foreign policy statements Paul has made without skipping a breath

* Fourth, call Paul an “isolationist” or a “neo-isolationist”


Fed mobilizes against Rand Paul’s audit legislation

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Paul’s bill would undo the exemption that shields monetary policy from GAO audits