Rand Paul, the most frugal lawmaker of them all

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As White House hopefuls strike their presidential poses, the meticulous National Taxpayers Union Foundation continues to pore over their voting records, which brings us to Sen. Rand Paul, the latest subject of the organization’s research. No spender is he. During his first two terms in Congress, the Kentucky lawmaker actually proposed savings agendas that would cut $483.8 billion per year, on average, from the federal budget.

“His record clearly demonstrates an approach to budget discipline that can be matched by few,” says analyst Demian Brady, who notes that during the 112th Congress, Mr. Paul proposed an agenda that would cut $650 billion a year, suggesting he has a consistently sterling track record in fiscal matters. He holds the record for the most frugal lawmaker of all, as a matter of fact.

The Democratic contenders aren’t even close.

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The Rand Paul clap gap: Why the GOP is afraid to have a real debate about foreign policy

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As Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday ended, cameras panned around the chamber and focused on a few important senators who were giving the Israeli prime minister a standing ovation. For a few seconds they landed on Rand Paul.

And that’s when people lost their minds. You see, Paul wasn’t clapping enthusiastically enough. It was a clap gap! How did he fail to catch the clap as it spread through Congress?