Why Scott Walker would make a great cabinet member for a President Rand Paul.

Why Scott Walker would make a great Cabinet member for a President Rand Paul.  (4/7/2015)

Rand Paul is the Presidential candidate for many pro-liberty Americans. While concerns about the direction of our country abound, we are hopeful for the future. Scott Walker is generally an honest mid-western politician with National ambitions… but where would he best fit in a Rand Paul presidential cabinet? Here are a few possible appointments Rand Paul could make for Scott Walker:

Secretary of Agriculture: Wisconsin is known for agriculture such as cheese, milk, beer, cattle, cranberries and many of the finest examples of these agricultural products come from Wisconsin.

Secretary of Education: As an advocate of privatization, Scott Walker will help to offer private education vouchers to low-income families who will benefit from new choices in Federal Education.

Secretary of Labor: With his pro-liberty philosophy towards government unions, Scott Walker would be an effective & controversial right-arm for the Rand Paul presidency as Labor Secretary.

Administrator of the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency: Walker’s pro-business stance on issues such as mining in the state of Wisconsin reflects the need to produce more US jobs.

Other positions:

Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA): Under a Rand Paul Administration Walker will see that taxpayer dollars are not wasted with the enforcement of Marijuana laws against non-violent offenders {subject to Walker’s acceptance of this appointment}.

Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons: Scott Walker has refused to ‘interfere in the Judicial process‘ which means that Walker does respect the sanctity of other branches of government. Walker could possibly be responsible for the orderly release of many non-violent offenders under a Rand Paul Administration.



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